26th Annual Scientific Assembly

Competitions FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the competitions at AAEM20!  Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have a question about the competitions that is not addressed here, please contact Rebecca Sommer at rsommer@aaem.org.

I had colleagues and residents contribute to my submission. Do you need their names too?

No, you don’t need to send us the names of co-authors or co-contributors. We only need one person’s information to serve as a point of contact. You can certainly acknowledge your co-authors or co-contributors on your final poster.


I was invited to present at AAEM20, but I can’t make it to the conference. Can I send a co-author or a colleague to present for me?

If the submitting author of a poster cannot attend AAEM20, a co-author or colleague may hang the poster for them. If you are invited to give an oral presentation but you cannot make it, a co-author may present on your behalf. The oral presenter must be one of the co-authors of the abstract. Please notify Rebecca Sommer if you are sending someone else to present for you. 


Do I need to register for AAEM20 to participate in the competition?

The individual presenting at AAEM20 must be registered for the conference. You can register by phone at (800) 884-2236 or online. *Registration is FREE for AAEM members with a refundable deposit.


Do I need to send a final copy of my submission prior to AAEM20?

No, you don’t need to send us anything further. It’s your responsibility to print the poster and bring it to AAEM20. Please make sure there are no patient identifiers on your final poster.


Am I doing an oral presentation, or am I hanging a poster?

If you were invited to participate in the AAEM/RSA & Western Journal of Emergency Medicine Research Competition, you will be doing an oral presentation only; you do not need to bring a poster.

If you were invited to participate in the Photo Competition, you will be hanging a poster only; you do not need to prepare an oral presentation.

If you were invited to participate in the AAEM/JEM Resident and Student Research Competition or the YPS Poster Competition, please refer to your invitation email to determine if you are selected for oral presentation or poster presentation.


When will the judges review my poster?

The judges will be stopping by the poster displays at their convenience between 8:00am and 5:00pm; there is no set time for judging. Some of our judges are also AAEM20 speakers, so they will be judging as their schedules allow.


Do I need to be physically present with my poster throughout the conference?

No, you don’t need to be physically present with your poster throughout the conference. Some people like to do so for networking purposes, but it isn’t a requirement. Feel free to attend the lectures and social events at AAEM20!


What size should the poster be?

There are no size requirements for the poster itself, but we are providing an area that is 3.5´ x 3.5´ (square area) for each submission, so the poster must be no larger than that. The posters can be vertical and hang below the space provided. There are two posters on each board side: 



What should my poster look like?

The layout of your poster is up to you. Below are some photos of the poster displays at AAEM19 in Las Vegas, NV.



New this year! Want to try something different?

Organizational psychology researcher Mike Morrison has developed a new approach to designing scientific posters that is both more usable, and easier to create! Watch his video “How to Create a Better Research Poster in Less Time” for more information and links to templates. The video is 19 minutes 31 seconds, and a description of the new design format begins at minute 10:49.