27th Annual Scientific Assembly

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Photo Competition

A Case of Pediatric Vision Loss
Keegan Nicodemus, MD and Jaron Raper, MD

A Case of Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Intussusception Caused by Peutz-Jegher's Syndrome
Christopher Lee, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, South Shore University Hospital, Bay Shore, NY; Matthew Sumicad, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, South Shore University Hospital, Bay Shore, NY; Esther Lee, Half Hollow Hills High School East, Dix Hills, NY; William Apterbach, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, South Shore University Hospital

A Case of Uncomplicated Atraumatic Back Pain?
Jerome Rogich M.D., M.S., Creighton University School of Medicine / Valleywise Health Medical Center

Abdominal Pain in the Setting of Sexually Transmitted Infection
Michael Nguyen, MD and Jose V. Nable, MD

Altered Mental Status and a Rash
Dallin Mitchell, DO

An Uncommon Cause of Abdominal Pain
Jordan Miller

Back Pain: Could It Be Something More?
Anisha Lashkari, DO

Bilateral Visual Loss
Jerome Balbin, MD FAAEM and Riddhi Desai, DO

Chest Pain in a Young Male
Sarah Bella, DO

Concerning Chest Pain
Troy Rivera, MD and James Murrett, MD MBe

COVID-19 Causing Brain and Cervical Demyelination
Christopher Lee, MD; Kyle Kim, MD; Joshua Lee; Alyssa DeSimone, PA; Sanjey Gupta, MD

Crooked Penis
Siamak Moayedi MD and Mercedes Torres, MD

“Did I Do That?”
Fan Jim Yang, MD; Sowmya Sanapala, MD; Jill Corbo, MD RDMS; Michael Halperin, MD MPH

Do Not Enter. Exit Only.
Shiho Murai, MD and Sunao Yamauchi, MD

Do You Even Dive?
Kevin Sullivan, DO and Shazia Jamil, MD

Fever and Shortness of Breath
Albert Zhou, MD

Finding a Needle in a Haystack
Atsushi Nonaka, MD; Naoki Katayama, MD; Sunao Yamauchi, MD

I Can't Pee
Max Lazarus, DO; Ryosuke Ito, DO; Yash Chavda, DO

It Doesn’t Get More Hip Than This
Gretchen Stumhofer, MD; Eugene Hu, MD; Jacqueline Le, MD

I've Got Your Back
CPT Mathew A. Saab, MD

Manubriosternal Dislocation
Johan Valle and Christopher Colbert, DO

Mysterious Bedside Echocardiogram
Iman Rasheed, MD; Chris Kim, MD; Ami Kurzweil, MD

No Tooth Slueth- A Common Cause of Facial Swelling with an Unusual History
TaReva Warrick Stone, DO and Darragh Cullen, DO

Not Just Another Common Abdominal Pain
Yuri Jin, MD

Oh MYositis
Aaron Wolfe, DO FACEP and Ellen Clark, MSIII

One Case of Sore Throat Causing Double the Trouble
Yuri Jin, MD; Jacqueline Le, MD; Eugene Hu, MD

One in a Million - A Case of Back Pain
Matea Orlovic, DO; Kyle Ransom, DO; Joel Stillings, DO

One Puff Too Many
Crystal Bauman, MD and Laura Kolster, DO

Orthopedic Complaints in the Post-Transplant Patient
Robert Healy, MD; Tyler Lopachin, MD; Patrick Cronyn, MD

Pain and Discoloration of Fingers
Lisa Armstrong, MD FACEP and Yevgeniy Furman, MS IV

Pituitary Apoplexy in the Setting of COVID-19 Infection
LT Brent Buccine; LT Michael LaRoy; LCDR Morgan McGuire

Pneumothorax Looking for a Way Out
Michael R. E. Pierce, LT MC USN; Megan H. Halliday, LT MC USN; Craig M. Sharkey, MD

Polarizing Case of Dysuria
Thomas Aubuchon, LT MD USN; Robert Tardif, LT MD USN; Eric Sulava, LT MD USN

Recurrent Abdominal Pain that Leads to Bleeding
Sushi Subburamu, MD; Salvatore Milazzo, PA; Denise McCormack, MD MPH

Sleeping a Lot After a Fall
Thu Nguyen, DO and Jane Daugherty-Luck, DO

That Seems a Little High!
Claire DeLong, DO and Laura Kolster, DO

That's Not Supposed To Be There!
Brian Kenny, DO; Garrett Norman, MD; Patrick Hinfey, MD

The COVID Six-Pack
Christopher William Parker, DO and Arielle N. Port, MD

Ultrasound Evaluation Of A Pediatric Patient With Eyelid Swelling
LT Kristen Shafer, MD MC USN; LCDR Adrianna Kyle, MD MC USN; LT Kelly Murphy, MD MC USN; LT Kristen Shafer, MD MC USN

Under Pressure
Haley Zigray, MD; Gregory Moore, MD; Alex Finch, MD

Waterfalls and Keyboards: Signs of Intestinal Catastrophe
Jasmine Sayegh, MD and Christina Hajicharalambous, DO

What Lies Beneath
Masaaki Sakumoto, MD and Sunao Yamauchi, MD

"What's This Lump?" A Case of Groin and Lower Abdominal Pain
Anna Culhane, MD and Patricia Panakos, MD

What's Growing on This Man's Foot?
Hannah Kim, DO PGY-II

When the Dragon Bites Back
Wildys Rosario, DO; Sepideh Nazerian, DO; Yan Sun, DO FACOEP

Why Are You So Blue?
Hiroshi Matsumoto, MD; Yasuhiko Ikehara, MD; Sunao Yamauchi, MD

"Why Can't I Move My Legs?"
Sandeep Dhillon, MD

You are a Dynamite!
Akira Yamada, MD; Makiko Mori, MD; Yasuhiko Ikehara, MD; Sunao Yamauchi, MD

You're Too Old For That!
Claire DeLong, DO and Laura Kolster, DO


AAEM/JEM Resident and Student Research Competition

Accuracy of Clinicians' Prediction of Injuries in Blunt Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department
Matthew Ball, MD; Daniel Grahf, MD; Nicholas Harrison, MD; Margaret Beyer; Sudhir Baliga, MD; Stephanie Stokes-Buzzelli, MD; Joseph Miller, MD; Ronny Otero, MD; Howard Klausner, MD

Comparing Intubation Airway Barrier Devices Using a Simulated Airway Task Trainer
Sara Toulouie; Abha Sathe; David Lindars; Anna Thiemann; Nur-Ain Nadir MD MHPE FACEP; Nathan Stuempfig, DO; Seth Ackuayi, MD; Veena Devarakonda, MD; Gerin River, MD

Comparing the O-EDShOT to the Traditional DEC – Measuring the Quality of Documented Assessments
Kaitlin Endres, BSc; Nancy Dudek, MD MEd; Meghan McConnell ,PhD; Warren J. Cheung, MD MMEd

Comparison of Cephalexin and Nitrofurantoin in the Treatment of Uncomplicated UTI's in Women
Shivani Adhyaru, DO; Elly Oh, PharmD; Dimple Patel, PharmD; Frank Diaz, PharmD; Danielle Biggs, MD; Esther King, PharmD; Deborah King, PharmD; Jason Kessler, MD

Development of Standardized Communication Template for Emergency Department Consults
Michael B. Holbrook, MD, MBA; Scott Brensel, DO, MS; Gerard Heath, MD, MBA; Seth Krupp, MD

Development of the Defense Registry for Emergency Airway Management (DREAM)
MAJ Jerry Hu, DO PharmD; CPT Kyle Couperus, MD; Capt William T Davis, MD; MAJ Michael D April, MD, DPhil MSc; Lt Col Joseph K Maddry, MD; LTC Eric Chin, MD MBA; MAJ Steven G Schauer, DO MSCR; Jessica Mendez, BS; Mireya Escandon, BS; Ashley D Tapia, BS

Does an Elevated Troponin Ultimately Matter? An Assessment of Outcomes in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Non-Cardiac Complaints
Kaitlin Endres, BSc, Yeung Yam, BSc, Benjamin Chow, MD; Habibat Garuba, MD

Impact of a Push Notification System for Key Results on ED In-Process Times
Jack Allan, MD; Kraftin Schreyer, MD; Wayne Satz, MD; Michael DeAngelis, MD; Richard Martin, MD

Impact of Personality on Team Performance in Medical Student Emergency Medicine Simulations
Allison Doermann; Kathleen Finn; Chaiya Laoteppitaks, MD; Shruti Chandra, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Medication Errors in Pediatric Patients After Implementing a Field Guide With Volume Based Dosing
Geoffrey Markowitz; Steven Hulac; Genie Roosevelt, MD MPH; Lara Rappaport, MD MPH

Predictive Value of Trending SOFA in Early Management of Sepsis
Troy Rivera, MD; Angeline Prince, BS; Richard Martin, MD

Reported Pandemic-related Care Avoidance Not Seen in a Rural Emergency TeleNeurology Service
Ramzi W. Ben-Yelles, BA; Darling A. Katelyn, BS; Curtis M. Kevin, MD, MS;  McAvoy Keith, MD

Resident CPR Improvement Using a Biofeedback Device
Joel Thomas Valencia, MD; Stephen Taylor, MHS NC-P FAEMS; Bryan Kitch, MD, FAEMS FACEP

Sex-specific Differences in Upper and Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Ultrasounds at A Rural Community
Bailey Hasenbalg, MS IV; Christopher Lyon, MSIV MA; Heesun Choi, MD; Joshua Macke, DO; Anthony Santarelli, PhD; John Ashurst, DO MSc

Team Resuscitation Assessment for Pediatrics (TRAP): A Pediatric Resuscitation Performance Tool
Geoffrey Markowitz; Jennifer Reid, MD; Tara Neubrand, MD

The Influence of Cost Transparency on Emergency Physician Ordering
Regina Saylor, MD; Kraftin Schreyer, MD CMQ FAAEM; Andrea Blome, MD; Elizabeth Tencza, PharmD BCCCP

The Positive Impact of a Resident Exposure to Nursing and Administration (RETNA) Curriculum
Kelsey Dorwart, MD, Troy Rivera, MD, Kraftin Schreyer, MD

Triage Pulse Oximetry and the Chest X-ray Opacity Score in ED Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia
Sushi Subburamu, MD; Eryka Bradley, PA; Ruchika Darapaneni; Kewa Jiang; Robert Lis; Niloofar Sima; Denise McCormack, MD, MPH

Upgrades to Intensive Care: The Effects of COVID-19 on Decision Making in the Emergency Department
Jennifer Rosenbaum, Nicole Lucas, Derek Isenberg, Richard Martin, Kraftin Schreyer

Utility of Symptoms-Based Admission Diagnosis in Observation-Level Patients
Jack Allan, MD; Richard Martin, MD; Claire Goucher; Joel Koshy

Variability of Patterns of Decision-Making for Patients Admitted to Observation Status
Jack Allan, MD; Richard Martin, MD; Claire Goucher; Joel Koshy


YPS Research Competition

An Alternative Care Model for Low-Acuity 911 Calls
Daniel B. Gingold, MD MPH FAAEM

Implementation of a Novel Peer Comparison Evaluation System in an EM Residency Program
Kraftin E. Schreyer, MD MBA; Jack A. Allen, MD; Wayne A. Satz, MD

Just in Time Procedural Resource Utilization in Emergency Medicine: A Needs Assessment
Tracy Fennessy, MD; Kendra Parekh, MD; Ryan Walsh, MD