25th Annual Scientific Assembly

Oncology Patient Perspective Panel

Tuesday, March 11, 2019
1:30pm-2:40pm | Forum 12-14

On Tuesday, the AAEM Scientific Assembly Subcommittee is delighted to announce a pilot format featuring patients as the educators in a session entitled: “Oncology Patient Perspective Panel.” In some diseases, there is no better way to learn about “best practice” than to hear from the patients themselves and see the emergency department (ED) encounter through their eyes. In this session, Dr. Jack Perkins (FAAEM) will serve as the moderator, and the panel will consist of oncologist Dr. Jennifer Vaughn, her patient Mr. Ben Bane, and the wife of her late patient Mr. Jason Price. Both Mr. Bane and Mr. Price spent dozens of hours in the ED with neutropenic fever, various chemotherapy complications, and other oncology related issues. Mr. Bane and Mrs. Susan Price will discuss details of their ED encounters in terms of what went smoothly, as well as opportunities for improvement. Dr. Vaughn will provide insight and expertise in a discussion of optimal collaboration between the emergency medicine provider and the patient’s oncologist.