25th Annual Scientific Assembly

17th Annual Open Mic

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners!

1.  Brian Parker, MD MS - Heavyweight Resuscitation Champion

2. Diana Ladkany, MD FAAEM - Imaging in Pregnancy

Runner-up: Samreen Vora, MD MHAM FAAEM - Do you Speak English? The Art of Using an Interpreter in the ED


What is Open Mic?

Open Mic is a proud tradition within AAEM, where attendees have the unique opportunity they have always wanted to speak at a national meeting. This open-floor format allows 16 "new voices" to be heard and evaluated by education committee members and conference attendees.

Open Mic participants present a 25-minute lecture (20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for questions) on any topic. The top two speakers of Open Mic 2019 will be invited to give a formal presentation at the 2020 Scientific Assembly in Phoenix, AZ.


How to Participate

Advanced spots for Open Mic have been filled. Please look for the sign-up sheet on-site at the registration desk when you arrive in Las Vegas.

Ten of the time slots will be filled in advance. The remaining six time slots will be filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis by signing up onsite. Specific slots reserved for full voting members, YPS members, and residents. Membership in AAEM or AAEM/RSA is a prerequisite for participating.

*Note: Six candidates register onsite (two slots reserved for residents and two for young physicians), the remaining two slots are open to anyone. AAEM membership is a pre-requisite for participation.


Competition Schedule

Monday, March 11, 2019 - Forum 20

Visit the registration desk to sign up for open afternoon sessions onsite.


Kiersten Carter, MD, Course Director


POCUS & The Fluid Conundrum
Alexis Salerno, MD


Success is Not a Good Teacher: Using Failure to Teach Ourselves And Others
Deena Wasserman, MD


The Hidden Epidemic — Elder Abuse
Nicole Cimino-Fiallos, MD


Immunotherapy for Cancer
Paul Jansson, MD


Heavyweight Resuscitation Champion
Brian Parker, MD


Mourning the Loss: How We Cope, Regroup, and Continue
Elizabeth Stachtiaris, MD




Teddy Bears and Trauma Bays: Reimagining the Future of Medical Education
Joseph Offenbacher, MD


Fluoroquinolones: Dangerous and Replaceable
Andrew Rizzo, DO FAAEM


Damage Control Resuscitation in the Joint Trauma System
Michael Hight, DO

*This is not an educational track and there will be no CME for these sessions. AAEM membership is a pre-requisite for participation.


To Help You Prepare

  1. A PC laptop connected to a projector will be provided in the room. Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive to the conference room. If you prefer to use your own device (laptop), please bring your own connection cords/adapter. AAEM is not responsible for AV issues. An AV technician is not stationed in this room. You will be asked to load your own presentation and begin speaking.
  2. No internet is provided in the room. If you need to use a video, it is suggested that you download this item separately on your flash drive. Sound is projected from the laptop, no additional speakers or mixer are provided.
  3. Your presence is requested at the orientation of Open Mic on Monday, March 11, 2019 in Forum 20 at 7:45am-8:00am. This session will prepare you for a successful presentation.
  4. A microphone is not provided. Due to the nature of this a competition, a microphone is not needed.
  5. It is recommended that you stay in this session until all speakers have presented. There is not a scheduled break between speakers and sessions may run faster than indicated. Colleagues are welcome and encouraged to listen; please invite them! Please note: CME is not available for Open Mic sessions.
  6. Please prepare a short biography (30-45 seconds) to introduce yourself and your topic. Suggested items to include are: your name, affiliation/degrees, location, training, passion for this topic, hobbies/interests in free time, and title of presentation.
  7. Participants in Open Mic are expected to register for the Scientific Assembly.

Those who presented at the 2018 Open Mic Session are not eligible to sign up.


If you have questions regarding submissions, please call AAEM at (800) 884-2236 or email Kathy Uy at kuy@aaem.org.