The Women in Emergency Medicine (WiEM) Section is constituted with a vision of equity for AAEM women in emergency medicine and a purpose to champion the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in emergency medicine through the pillars of advocacy, leadership, and education.

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Learn More About the WiEM Section Three Pillars of Purpose:


Advocating for Equality and Fairness
The WiEM Section holds the organization accountable for equity and advocates and problem solves for issues of justice, transparency, and equity in the workplace.


Creating Opportunities for and Recognition of Women Leaders in EM
The WiEM Section offer professional development opportunities and sponsorship to advance women to leadership positions within AAEM and their home institutions in addition to creating networking opportunities.


Bringing Awareness and Solutions to Issues Affecting Women in EM
The WiEM Section shines a light on issues affecting women in EM and important topics for women in EM, builds mentoring systems for females in EM, and develops and presents educational content, and that highlights issues of equity and focuses on creating solutions for the gender bias in medicine.




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