WestJEM Attestation Form

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that CAL/AAEM’s mission (a sponsor of WestJEM) is to support fair working practices for emergency physicians, including democratic ownership models for emergency physicians and fair workplaces for employed emergency physicians. To this end, CAL/AAEM’s policy is to make advertising in the journal & website as well as job posting available to physician groups that reflect and support its mission.  The undersigned hereby attests, on behalf of the applicant organization, that (a) said applicant is organized and operates in a manner which is consistent with CAL/AAEM’s mission, as evidenced by Applicant’s having all of the following nine characteristics: 

  1. Applicant has a reasonable and transparent due process policy, including providing (a) the right to a fair hearing for its employed emergency physicians before any adverse actions are taken against the physician's medical staff privileges; and (b) that contractual termination of employed emergency physicians without cause may only occur during a provisional period not to exceed one year;
  2. Applicant has a predefined mechanism that regularly and automatically provides all its emergency physicians the details of their own professional charges and collections (this information automatically provided to the physician on at least a quarterly basis);
  3. Applicant provides its emergency physicians (a) a predefined and reasonable pathway to full partnership or shareholder status (which includes equal voting status with other partners and shareholders) that does not exceed three years, including early disclosure of (a) the review process and criteria used to grant full partnership; (b) a predefined entry and exit policy; and (c) the exact distribution of all shares held in the Applicant’s group; 
  4. Applicant has a predefined mechanism that regularly and automatically provides all full partners: (a) the total charges and collections for Applicant’s group, and (b) the distribution of all group income including all management and operational expenses including coding/billing/collecting, professional liability insurance, non-physician employee salaries, and physician administrative stipends;
  5. Applicant provides emergency physicians with the details of its governance process including the method of electing leaders and new partners, appointing medical directors and administrators and revising its bylaws;
  6. Applicant does not impose post-contractual restrictive covenants (i.e., non-compete clauses);
  7. Applicant’s physicians, or physician-extenders working under the direct supervision of physicians, make all clinical decisions in Applicant’s practice and they have a primary fiduciary responsibility to their patients, not to a corporate entity or shareholders;
  8.  Applicant does not require physicians in its group to indemnify the group, any hospital, or any other third party; and
  9. The shareholders or partners, as the case may be, of Applicant does not include any lay people unless Applicant is a hospital, university, or non-profit corporation or foundation, but then lay people do not supervise the physician's clinical work.
  10. Applicant’s specialists in emergency medicine are physicians who have achieved certification by either the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) or the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM) or the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Candida (RCPSC).

Any changes in business practices that negate the above attestation will require notification within 60 days to the WestJEM Advisory Board. WestJEM may choose to contact the advertiser for clarification.

WestJEM has the right of refusal of any advertisement or job bank posting.

Attestation Information: