Recommended Conference Application

AAEM Activity Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in AAEM's recommendation for your upcoming educational activity.

Recommended conference applications should be submitted no less than three months in advance of the activity and should adhere to the Recommended Conference and Course Guidelines.

  1. Recommended activities are completely planned and developed by a separate educational partner who also provides the CME credit, but the educational content is in line with AAEM's CME mission.

  2. Your activity should be in the earliest stages of development at the time of application. You will be asked to describe the overall purpose, target audience and methods of instruction of your activity on this application.

  3. Once the application is received, it is sent to the ACCME Subcommittee for approval for domestic meetings and the International Conference Committee for International meetings. Please allow up to four weeks for review and official written notification from AAEM stating whether your application for the recommended conference has been accepted. Please note that AAEM will not accept requests for recommended conferences if they fall within one month prior to or following AAEM conferences or meetings.

  4. The Recommended Conference application fee is equal to one full course registration for the applicant's conference. Please provide the application fee when submitting the initial application.

  5. Once the program is approved and payment received, the promotion of the recommended program can begin. The recommended program must:
    • Place the AAEM logo and website link on the home page of the conference/course website and/or brochure.
    • List all faculty and organizers of the conference or course who are AAEM members with the FAAEM designation.
    • Provide AAEM members with any registration discounts given to host organizing institution's members.
    • Follow the AAEM Recommended Guidelines and submit the Recommended Conference Attestation.

Questions? Contact AAEM CME and Education Manager, Rebecca Sommer at (800) 884-2236 or

Activity Application

September 23, 2023

(Please note: Written notification from AAEM will be sent to the individual listed on this application.)


Recommended Conference and Course Attestation

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine will not recommend or support a program that has content or sponsors that do not adhere to the mission and principles of AAEM.

 I hereby attest that the sponsoring organization of the program requesting recommendation provides a democratic and equitable work environment, including provisions for the due process and the absence of restrictive covenants for emergency medicine physicians in its organization. The organization does not restrict potential employment for board-certified emergency medicine physicians based upon a requirement of emergency medicine residency training.

Payment Information

The Recommended Conference application fee is equal to one full course registration for the applicant's conference. For billing questions, please contact Rebecca Sommer at (800) 884-2236.

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