AAEM Sections Nomination Form

Nominations are now being accepted for open positions with the AAEM Section leadership. Section Council positions provide interested individuals the opportunity to become involved with the leadership, development, and member engagement of AAEM Section programs and activities.

Nomination Timeline

Open: Monday, January 29, 2024
Close: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 11:59pmCT

How to nominate:

  • Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged.
  • Submit one nomination per person/position. Multiple submissions are accepted. Due to the responsibilities of the leadership position, candidates are encouraged to limit their interest to one Section position.
  • Anyone can nominate a person for a position (do not need to be an AAEM member). Please note: If you nominate someone, the individual’s “acceptance” is to provide their own self-nomination – so the person nominating someone else needs to ask that individual to self-nominate/apply as well.
  • Only self-nominations will be included on the final election ballot. If a nomination/endorsement is received for someone else, that individual must submit a self-nomination.
  • Nomination and/or endorsement statements for a candidate are only needed when there are contested positions.
  • According to the bylaws, any uncontested position (i.e. if only one person has been nominated for a Section position) can be appointed to the one-year term by the current council after nominations close and elections do not need to be held for that position. Any contested positions will be on the election portal. The goal is to have multiple people vying for the leadership role and for elections to occur.
  • If elections will take place, only contested positions will be visible on the ballot. AAEM staff will set up the voting portal with the self-nomination statement and any recommendations received. The Section election portal will be open from March 27, 2024 thru April 14, 2024 (per the bylaws). Full-Voting Section members (with paid thru dates of 12/31/2024 or beyond) are eligible to vote for the Chair-Elect and Secretary/Finance Chair. Any current Section member can vote for Councilors. Current Section Residents and Students can vote for their representative. Members must be paid thru 6/30/2024 or 12/31/2024 to have access to the election portal.
  • On April 15, 2024, the new slate of Section officers will be announced by AAEM. New officers will assume their official duties on April 30, 2024.

Nomination Form


Please select the AAEM Section:*
See https://www.aaem.org/get-involved/sections/ for more information:

Section Leadership Positions (one-year term: April-April)

  • Chair-Elect (1 position available within each Section) - Assists the Chair in running and attending quarterly Zoom Council meetings, managing the Section and promoting the AAEM mission by increasing Section membership through recruiting new members and developing valuable engaging member benefits for attendings. During the nomination process, the Chair-Elect is responsible for filling the candidate slate for each open position on the council. Eligibility: Must be a current and full-voting member of the Section.

    The Chair-Elect ascends to the roll of Chair the following year. The Chair is the principal executive council member and presides over membership meetings of the Section and of the Section Council. The Section Chair shall also perform other duties as prescribed by the Council or AAEM. Upon completion of the Chair term, the individual shall automatically ascend to the office of Immediate Past Section Chair.

    Section Leadership Committee: The Section Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair and Board Liaison are invited to the quarterly Section Leadership Committee Zoom meetings. At least one leader per section is encouraged to attend this interactive and idea sharing meeting to discuss and collaborate on joint projects such as marketing & communication tools, mentorship portals, orientation tools and resources, etc. that will benefit the Section operations overall. The AAEM National Board of Directors will appoint a Board Liaison to serve a one-year term on each Section Council.

  • Secretary/Finance Chair (1 position available within each Section) - Oversees the finances and membership of the Section and attends Section meetings. The Secretary provides a short summary following the recent Council meeting to update members. AAEM staff take the official minutes. The Secretary/Finance Chair shall work to engage Section members through developing valuable member benefits and communicating with members via MyAAEM (meeting invites, section updates, etc), social media and other resources such as Section newsletters and/or coordinating Common Sense authors. Eligibility: Must be a current and full-voting member of the Section.

  • Councilor (4 positions available within each Section) - Councilors attend quarterly Section Council Zoom meetings and serve as work group leads for one or more Section activities/initiatives and/or events. Eligibility: Must be a current member of the Section.

  • AAEM Resident and Student Association Representative (1-2 positions available within each Section) - Attends Section Council meetings and assists with organizing webinars, networking and mentorship opportunities to recruit, engage, and sustain students and residents in the Section. Any resident and/or student representative to a Section Council is responsible for providing regular summaries and report-outs to the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors. Eligibility: Must be a current resident or student member of the Section.

I would like to nominate the following individual for a one-year term for the position of:


Secretary/Financial Chair


RSA Representative

Nomination Statement*

If you are nominating someone else for a position, please ask them to submit their own self-nomination statement on this portal as well as their photo by February 27. Only self-nominations will be included on the final ballot.

Contact Elizabeth Mueller at the AAEM office for more information: emueller@aaem.org or 800-884-2236.