AAEM PAC is the political action committee of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Through AAEM PAC, the Academy is able to support legislation and effect change on behalf of its members and with consideration to their unique concerns.

Since the time of its formation, members' support of AAEM PAC has been encouraging and it has become a powerful force to act on behalf of the members of AAEM in fulfilling the missions of our organization. With the on-going realization of these goals, our dedicated efforts will help to improve the overall quality of health care in our country and to improve the lot of all emergency physicians.

To recognize those who provide financial support to the AAEM PAC, the board of directors agreed to establish levels of recognition. 


AAEM PAC Levels of Giving

  • $1,000 and Greater
  • $500-$999
  • $250-$499
  • $100-$249
  • $50-$99

Ways to Donate


Mail Your Donation

AAEM Political Action Committee
555 E Wells St #1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Donors will receive recognition in Common Sense throughout the year they contributed to the AAEM PAC. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may do so. Levels are determined annually based upon a calendar year.

Contact the AAEM office with any questions at info@aaem.org or 800-884-2236.



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