The AAEM Institute for Leadership, Education, & Advancement in the Development of Emergency Medicine, Inc. (LEAD-EM) was established after the tragic and unexpected death of AAEM president, Dr. Kevin G. Rodgers. 

The Kevin G. Rodgers Fund and the Institute will LEAD-EM just like Dr. Rodgers did. The funds will support important projects such as the development of leadership qualities, advancement of clinical and operational knowledge of emergency physicians and emergency medicine residents with a view toward improving and advancing the quality of medical care in emergency medicine, public health, or the safety and well-being of emergency physicians.


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AAEM Institute for Leadership, Education, & Advancement in the Development of Emergency Medicine, Inc.
555 E Wells St #1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202

EIN: 82-4627012

Apply for LEAD-EM funds

LEAD-EM funds are available to any AAEM or AAEM/RSA member to support important projects that develop 

  • Leadership qualities of emergency physicians
  • Clinical and operational knowledge of emergency physicians. 

The proposals will be reviewed by the LEAD EM Grant Proposal Committee and those selected will be ratified by the AAEM Board of Directors.  You will be required to share the results of your project with the committee upon completion.


Contact the AAEM office with any questions at info@aaem.org or 800-884-2236.

Remembering Dr. Kevin G. Rodgers

"Dr. Rodgers was a committed educator and mentor whose influence will always live on as those he trained will train others in the K-Rog tradition. Kevin strategically worked to start the process of diversifying the Board and the membership of AAEM, deliberately recruiting me to the Board and specifically stating his intent. That work and that direction will also be continued in his memory. Contributions to LEAD-EM will multiply the impact that is the legacy of Dr. Rodgers. Give generously!"


"Kevin Rodgers personified the best of Emergency Medicine. As a teacher he was revered by his residents. As a leader his colleagues at IU and AAEM highly valued his commitment, honesty and integrity. His dedication to his family and community completed the picture. It was a honor to know Kevin and work with him for the betterment of EM. "

- Robert McNamara, MD, MAAEM

"Dr. Kevin Rodgers was an incredible leader, educator, mentor, and friend. He positively impacted countless people in his career, and the LEAD-EM Foundation will help him continue to have a profound impact on emergency medicine."


"Kevin set an example of a great program director. He cared deeply about his residents, and his work as president of AAEM focused on creating a better future for them. Kevin was always upbeat and engaging. When I think about him, I hear his roaring laughter."

- Tom Scaletta, MD MAAEM FAAEM

"The one word that instantly comes to mind when I reflect back on Kevin Rodgers is integrity. He always listened to all sides, but he had the integrity to make the right (not always popular) decision."



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